I remember waking up one Saturday morning as a kid in my house in Utica, NY. It was the start of Christmas vacation and my mom was busy at work making dozens of Italian cookies and pastries. The smell of lemons and almonds hung heavy in the air, as did the undeniable scent of cannoli and biscotti, pizelles and sfogliatelle. I raced down the hall to the sounds of Johnnie Mathis on the high-fi to see my mom, Marie DelGado, truly in her element. Five-foot-nothin’, the map of Italy on her face and sparkling eyes, hidden behind glasses that always seemed too big for her face. No matter how loud I was, I always seemed to startle her when I entered her kitchen. But she’d always greet me with the warmest smile.

It couldn’t have been more than 8 o’clock, but she already had dozens of cookies cooling on the kitchen table. She’d pretend not to see me sneaking one or two from each batch, but she knew. I can picture her so clearly, humming to herself, flipping through her dessert binder, deciding what to make next. I loved mornings like that – just me and mom, while the rest of the family slept in. Her with her cherished binder, me with my stolen cookies, and this incredible sensation of love. She had plenty to share and she baked it into every bite.

The visits and “drop-ins” from family and friends would begin soon. Nobody could ever resist a hot cup of coffee, plates full of fresh baked cookies and warm conversations at our kitchen table. It was as much a tradition as the holiday itself.

She’s no longer with us, I’m sorry to say, but what remains is what she shared with me: her love of people, her sense of warmth and, thankfully, her dessert binder. She was always adding notes to her recipes to define her own special touches. We continue this tradition of signature touches on classic recipes to keep her spirit alive. And we continue to bake to share my mom’s love.

Mi Amore Dolci Heart Icon

Amore Tutto di Mamma

(All Mom’s Love)

Throughout our brand, and in some of our products, you will see our signature heart icon. You can even see it in our logo above the “i” in Dolci. That small, simple heart is our way of always remembering the true love that our Mom put in to all her baked goodies. The love she had for everything she baked – and for everyone who enjoyed them – was overflowing. It’s also our way to let you know that we strive to put as much love into Mi Amore Dolci as she gave out in life. Grazie Mamma!