Just like Mamma used to bake.

I was instilled with a love of baking from my mother, Marie DelGado. She taught me to always try new flavors, to share my sweets with others and to put a little love into everything I bake. From her heart, to our kitchen, to your lips, we invite you to try the Italian delicacies of Mi Amore Dolce.

What We’re Baking

My Mom always desired to please everyone. She was sure to have way too many great kinds of cookies and pastries to choose from. We like that thinking. Mi Amore Dolci shares Marie’s thinking and offer many different Italian cookies, pastries and specialty items—some Old World, some New World, and some of our own creations—but all of them inspired by traditional Italian recipes. And all of them are made from scratch. Just like Mamma used to do. We’re sure you’ll find a few favorites in there.

Say Ciao!

Have a question or comment? Or just wanna say “Ciao!”? Drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you. Be sure to give us your email so we can get back to you, and also add you to our “familia” mailing list. We’ll keep you posted on all the important things. And we promise not to share it.


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